Simon Rycroft

Quick about me

Currently working for Cancer Research UK on their Giving Pages.

Previously work package two (WP2) leader for the EU funded ViBRANT project at the Natural History Museum, London. This gives me the responsibility of integrating a large amount of the project's development work spread across 17 different European institutions. We mainly specialise in Drupal development, it being the core of the Scratchpad code.

I have interests besides this, including a small project on Sourceforge called Postlet.

A little more

I'm originally from Skipton in North Yorkshire, spending the first 21 years of my life there. I went on to study Immunology at Glasgow University, followed by an MSc in Information Technology.

I've spent a little time out of the country since moving from Skipton, including working in an Immunology laboratory in Tokyo. London as I say above is where I call home at the moment, living with my girlfriend Suzanne in the beautiful borough of Hammersmith.

I've a few interests outside of work, including photography, cycling and of course music.

Instead of adding a link, I've decided to add a little text about a few of the simple things that make me happy. The first is my bike, which I love because I built (put together) it from scratch. To those pedantic types out there, no this does not mean that I made the parts myself, what it actually means is that I picked all the parts myself, and assembled them into the frame that I ordered.

Bike parts:

  • Bob Jackson Vigorelli frame (22½")
  • Phil Wood Hubs and Bottom Bracket
  • Campagnolo Record Headset
  • Deep V rims laced with Phil Wood spokes
  • Sugino 75 Cranks
  • ... if you're still interested, speak to me, I'm more than happy to talk about my bike.

I love music, and have done for some years. It's hard to say what influenced me, although my dad's love of Motown was possibly a contributing factor. I sadly don't spend as much time listening to and discovering new music as I would like, although Suzanne bought me a set of Grado headphones which should certainly help (they really do sound amazing).

If you'd like to contact me, then you can mail me .