Simon Rycroft

Currently work package two (WP2) leader for the EU funded ViBRANT project at the Natural History Museum, London. This gives me the responsibility of integrating a large amount of the project's development work spread across 17 different European institutions. We mainly specialise in Drupal development, it being the core of the Scratchpad code.

I have interests besides this, including a small project on Sourceforge called Postlet.

I'm originally from Skipton in North Yorkshire, spending the first 21 years of my life there. I went on to study Immunology at Glasgow University, followed by an MSc in Information Technology.

I've spent a little time out of the country since moving from Skipton, including working in an Immunology laboratory in Tokyo. London as I say above is where I call home at the moment, living with my girlfriend Suzanne in the beautiful borough of Hammersmith.

I've a few interests outside of work, including photography, cycling and of course music.

Instead of adding a link, I've decided to add a little text about a few of the simple things that make me happy. The first is my bike, which I love because I built (put together) it from scratch. To those pedantic types out there, no this does not mean that I made the parts myself, what it actually means is that I picked all the parts myself, and assembled them into the frame that I ordered.

Bike parts:

  • Bob Jackson Vigorelli frame (22½")
  • Phil Wood Hubs and Bottom Bracket
  • Campagnolo Record Headset
  • Deep V rims laced with Phil Wood spokes
  • Sugino 75 Cranks
  • ... if you're still interested, speak to me, I'm more than happy to talk about my bike.

I love music, and have done for some years. It's hard to say what influenced me, although my dad's love of Motown was possibly a contributing factor. I sadly don't spend as much time listening to and discovering new music as I would like, although Suzanne bought me a set of Grado headphones which should certainly help (they really do sound amazing).

If you'd like to contact me, then you can mail me .